The rights and wrongs of mobile-friendly pagination

Gather your requirements

Key to mobile pagination is distinguishing the various states clearly and, in this case responsively. For me the most important challenge is to satisfy the ‘fat-finger’ brigade. As with every project, there is always additional requirements. With this project, distinguishing the states had to be brand agnostic as tech roll-out responsively was across 14 other brands.

Good pagination improve readability and reduce complexity

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6 tips on how to Improve your mobile gaming offer

 1. Platform specific

There is nothing worse than achieving a best-in-class mobile offer on one platform and then some bean-counter decides to port it to other platforms as is. These other platforms have their tailored UX. They have their tailored user-flows. And, above all, their users know this and will reject non-platform specific UX.

Plus it’s just the wrong thing to do.

iOS has it’s user-flows. So tailor your product to iOS functionality

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Mobilising your Casino – slots, table games and live casino and more…

We’ve all played games on our phones. Casino games are a little different, they have stepped up a level.

Your mobile casino needs to have;

  • Games are of the highest quality
  • Continually updated so the content is fresh and new
  • Offer a smooth gaming experience on iOS and Android smartphones and tablet devices
  • Classic casino games such as Blackjack and Roulette are fused with new slots and what everyones talking about – Live Casino

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Name the three most popular gateways in sports gambling?

By far the king of the hill, the peacock of the gambling world is football, and especially football inplay. But, other sports exist too. When the Seven Nations dominate our weekend TV, or it’s the summer and Wimbledon is trending on Twitter, then rugby or tennis might be worth betting on.

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