Why is this new style of popular navigation winning hands down against old-fashioned navigation methods? Well, here's my take on why, in eight easy sound bites.


Users are familiar with desktop left navigation patterns

This is difficult to implement with such small real estate. Sidebar solves and provides for with this problem.




This scalable solution allows for categorisations, allows for translations and above is more and more familiar to today mobile user



Allows for promotions

Building CSM that is ‘quick to update’ and ‘responds to market condition’ is top priority for the majority of marketers. As the nations favourites reaches further and further through the ranking on one specific tournament, it si the clever marketeer who then supplies promotions based around this newly emerged sales funnel



One column vertical orientation suits mobile device

A user expects to scroll from top to bottom. Undefined left – right scrolling leaves the user disorientated. The truth is – they get lost. Here, the focus is on dynamic popular in:play bets, this UI os all about the 1 x 2. Quick simple bet placement right form the home screen.



Deliver native – like experiences to mobile web

Delivering native app-like experiences on the Web may become a necessity if users begin to expect it.



Very responsive solutions

Following on from the Mobile First philosophy, the sidebar style has now hit traction so much that it’s influencing desktop design to the extent that when a site becomes responsive, the icon is only visible when the desktop site gracefully cascades down to the smaller screen



Newspaper-like columns

It is easier for the eye to read in columns with certain number of words than it is to read text running over the whole screen



Giving users something like a ‘fullscreen’ experience

Enabling a window of your App to assume full-screen mode, taking over the entire screen, provides users with a more immersive, cinematic experience. Full-screen appearance can be striking and can make your App stand out.


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