Concept development and brand signature

For a the premier 150,000m2 shopping and entertainment centre in Saratov, Russia.

Concept development for a shopping and entertainment centre in Saratov, Russia. Total investment in the project will amount to €144m. The facility will become one of the first in the chain of shopping centres under the OZ brand. The chain’s size is projected at 20 centres.


Kit of parts

Developing a set or arsenal of deliverables works on many levels for this type of project. You need, of course, a brand marque. This must be flexible, recognisable and universal. Applying a set of considered complementary colours and textures is important, these elements must be unique and scalable. Then you need that something special, it can be your tone of voice, your mission statement or something else that sets you apart, your USP.


Your Brand

A name that snaps of the tongue, that’s memorable and unique is a difficult task. Communicating it simply through 2D isn’t enough. Solid brand design would be echoed in the details in 3D too. It is therefore good practise to build bridges with the architects at an early stage.

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