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“The ultimate objective of a mobile users is to complete their task (where ever they are) efficiently and effortlessly”

It important to think of new users like them could be going on a date with your site. Guide them through a graceful, intuitive, and delightful get-to-know-you process by providing simple sign posts, ‘next step’ instructions to where they want to go.


Following a thorough and well-documented Discovery phase involving in-depth web site analytics, key milestones were set in place by several stakeholders. This involved the direction for both Personal and Business private medial insurance (PMI) customer journeys and a focus on the companies USP, it’s case studies.


Personal / Health Insurance

Valuable and engaging

Simple navigation is already at work here, making your user fall in love with your design first, and then asking for more information is an important lesson. Sites should be  valuable and engaging to new users before they are committed to sign up or impart with any personal information.


Personal / Health Care

Share the love!

Everyone appreciates an intuitive interface, one that anticipates the user’s next step. Therefore once interesting or relevant content has been absorbed, there is an option to share that content after.


Progressive disclosure

Here  progressive disclosure allows limited download for three main sections. The same ‘reading then action’ UX is adopted for these sections which is ideal for mobile. Sign posts at the end of the sections offer the facility to  ‘Call Us’, to  ‘Share’ or to navigate back to  ‘Top’ or back to  ‘Home’. This reduces the barrier to entry and is still rare enough to make a user sit up and take notice.



What the heck!

Mobile widgets provide an easy ‘tap-tap-tap’ solution, especially for the fat-finger brigade! An unfamiliar interface equals a general feeling of  ‘what the heck do I do next?’ but jump menus and questions relating exactly to themselves are an effective  ‘On boarding’ technique and helps user overcome the cold-start problem.


  • Design and create a ‘best-inclass’ mobile web site
  • Valuable and engaging
  • Adapt ‘on boarding’ techniques and helps user overcome the cold-start problem
  • One size font throughout
  • Accomplishing tasks as quickly as possible

You can download the full presentation here: HealthInsuranceCompany-Sml

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