Over – arching concept

• Using retail as a benchmark the brief was to redesign the flagship central Vienna branch and role out a ‘Kit of Parts’ for the remaining 120 branches.



• Conceptual visi of the potential new interior for ERSTE Bank Austria, the oldest banking establishment in Austria founded in 1819.



• Interior visualisations taking the client into a more retail savvy 21st century customer


A ‘meeter greeter’

Transparent working practice coupled with transperenecy and constructional material work on many levels. Allowing the first time user to have clear lines of sight across the ‘meeter greeter’ zone is an important consideration.


Zonal planning

Enticing a customer in the the back of the store, by including inspirational graphics and enticing 3D design is key to raising and institutions profile.


Key take-outs

Deliverables for the  client revolved around three keys points;

  1. A flexible and adaptable kit-of-parts that worked primarily at the flagship branch but also elsewhere amongst the groups branches
  2. Inclusion of a ‘meeter greeter’ – as the personal touch was key to this market.
  3. Zonal distinction – de-linernating how and why customer could navigate the branch