This is part of my on-going ‘UX thought stream’ where, I hope, to connect with other UX designers on subjects happening to them day-on-day. Todays ‘insight’ is how to be an more effective UXer within an Agile team.


Having worked in several agile teams I think after a few years it’s time to write down a few simple bullet points for effectively making the right difference inside the right mobile team

  • The key initiatives I felt was important from day one was to set up a working timeline structure where you, the UX designer and the stakeholders were at least 2 to 4 weeks (1-2 sprints) ahead of development. This is important when you are working on version heavy user flows and UI designs.

  • The second important area is to try from the onset, to design and circulate the brand guidelines. Design these to work as a kit of parts to work alongside all designs, moving forward. This is sometimes very difficult when you do not know what is coming up throughout the Agile process.


  • Actual job location for certain members is important so try and sit with the BA team(s) and try to take learnings from their expertise as well as imparting yours. This can be a delicate operation, the worst case scenario is a BA he thinks he’s a UX designer and vise versa. My advice – nip this in the bud.


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