We’ve all played games on our phones. Casino games are a little different, they have stepped up a level.

Your mobile casino needs to have;

  • Games are of the highest quality
  • Continually updated so the content is fresh and new
  • Offer a smooth gaming experience on iOS and Android smartphones and tablet devices
  • Classic casino games such as Blackjack and Roulette are fused with new slots and what everyones talking about – Live Casino

Mobile touch devices have definitely became mainstream and immensely popular worldwide, the demand for good video slots and ‘real money’ casino games has grown massively too. There a clear benefit as this range of games that can be played anytime, anywhere, anyplace 

The ‘image grid’ or traditional list view – you chose

Mobile users have a limited patience for long interaction times, even when browsing to kill time. The UX of a mobile  casino rely on recognition rather than recall, so image-based grid systems are ideal.

Now, general mobile UX rules still apply here; don’t make you player scroll more than five times (approximately- this is a number I have preached for a while. Nothing scientific, just experience). Use category teasers, or that categories most popular game as pull-points to signpost players through your casino.

640 px - Which size works best?

640 px – Which size works best?

A picture tells a 1000 words

Presenting images in a grid as a part of category navigation not only provides larger tap targets for touch screens, but also can help users make their selection in cases where text labels alone are unfamiliar or may not clearly communicate differences between options, i.e. Multi-language sites.

Linear view - long view, very efficient but is this really mobile?

Linear view – long view, very efficient but is this really mobile?


Grid view – attractive and impulse driven

Even in cases where the categories are vastly different, images allow players to skip reading altogether — and some users might do exactly that. As one player  stated;

“I prefer image menus so I don’t need to do as much reading, but I don’t mind text menus as long as the text is big, bold, and easy to read.”

If you have a small number of visually distinct categories to present, a grid of tappable (and labeled) images may be the easiest and fastest design for people to use.

Optimise for more images per scroll

From my perspectives a player would rather scroll through a single long(er) page than repeatedly switch between the list page and product-detail pages. When designing these layouts, pick the right size of images so that they are large enough to be recognisable, yet small enough to allow more products to be seen at a time.

Offering the ability to swap between a list view and grid view is another useful trick. This is personal prefer, but I feel  the grid view had a clear advantage: it allowed more products to be seen at a time

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