By far the king of the hill, the peacock of the gambling world is football, and especially football inplay. But, other sports exist too. When the Seven Nations dominate our weekend TV, or it’s the summer and Wimbledon is trending on Twitter, then rugby or tennis might be worth betting on.

Therefore having these sports gateway options is the most plausible choice for the first tier navigational; Sport, inplay and Casino.

And keep them as only three, that’s all they need. Players (as our users will be referred to in this case study) assess their options, and if there are too many, they become overwhelmed and abandon the process completely.


Simply tap from Sports to inplay to Casino using the first tier navigation


Variety is the spice of life someone famous once said. So, taken that football is the big kahuner, you wouldn’t be doing your 2nd job (the first being a UXer, of course) as a marketeer if you didn’t provide some level of discoverability to other top sports at this navigational level. So filter events by popularity, then chronologically so your players can find both;

  • Tonights top matches
  • The 19:45 league two match

As this is a truly a global product, local bookmaker knowledge, driven by territory managers should dictate what other listed sports these should be.


Segmented by now and coming up, inplay again should be ordered by popularity then KO time (which can be tricky with sports like Tennis and Golf). It’s a good idea to include country and / or league, as well as tournament or competition filters.

The key difference from a UX perspective here is the player can jump immediately to a complete range of what would be other inplay sports.


This industry is driven by the game providers so your job is to serve out these games in the most compelling manner. Swipes, pop-ups and carousels have their place, but be careful these fads aren’t barriers and used for the wrong reasons.

Casinos margins are huge, sports gambling may have higher profits but turnover for this massive industry make it a natural choice for first tier navigation.

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