Recently I have been working with a digital lottery provider who have been partnering with state lotteries and charitable organisations to build  their digital channels.

My role involved pushing UX innovation and engagement to both attract and retain players.

This product concentrates on the gameplay for a potential European lottery product. Our teams strategy was that gameplay, although important, was not the key driver for this new experience. Key focus was millennials and their aptitude for sharing.


Branding and identity creation revolved around  sharing. A modern and contemporary colour palette was developed, mainly as a placeholder, but important to build the look n’ feel and seed the visual direction I wanted this product to go.

The creative process

This is a snapshot of the initial two concepts – can you spot which one eventually made the cut?

Concept 1

Vertical scrolling through the three main categories of the experience (number selection, chose a worthwhile cause and share your experience), populating them as you go.

1 – Home

Chose a worthwhile cause

Share your winning with your friends


Your complete ticket

Concept 2

Selection tabs for the main categories of the application (number selection, chose a worthwhile cause and share your experience) with a progression bar ABC to guide the user through the experience.





Final decision

Both concepts employed the same three processes, this UX exercise was successful to the extent of digging deeper to discover which was the more successful mechanism. What do you think?

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