Protect your pics, videos, SMS, contacts, even apps.

Phone Vault Pro makes it easy to fully control your privacy.

  • Photos & videos protection
  • Contacts/SMS/Call logs protection
  • Stealth Mode


Don’t get hacked

Recent press stories has only but highlighted the need for more security on mobile devices. Now of you want to keep something super secret, you can.
With PIN access and a hidden launcher, dummy accounts and lockable folders this so is the perfect privacy companion.

Screen designs

Please see below for a collection of screen designs that focussed on pushing this App to become a reality.



Kit of parts

Using the widely available ‘Kit of parts’ that is out there for Android is an effective method to building a familiar experience. So don’t try and reinvent the wheel every time, become the Go-To guy for all things Android and know how to apply then in a sophisticated and appropriate manner.


Tailor your approach

There is a big school of thought that true UX, from a device perspective, should be appropriate for the device. Porting apps from one platform to another is not only Android and nasty solution but it also fails to exploit the best things about specific device. So, always tailor your product from a UX perspective and make that specific experience beautiful in design.