Mobile Web PIN login has been on our radar since the company I work for implemented it in their iOS and Android apps some time back. It’s quick and convenient and with the onset of modern smartphones screen lock security it has became a must-have feature. Here’s a quick summary of how to UX it?

This was a relatively new functionality for mobile web. Everyone has been doing it for Apps, but mobile web was falling behind. So, wireframing the new user journey  was definitely the way forward;

Screen Shot 2016-04-27 at 16.31.25

A PIN can consist of any number and is useful if your normal login password is too complicated – plus it is more mobile friendly.

The iOS UI

_0000_1.0_default _0001_2.0_EnterPIN-4

PIN-based authentication is a security and usability feature and through wireframing and best practice I also designed the journey for editing and/or disabling this feature.  As the PIN is tied to a specific mobile device and uses strong encryption, it can be only used by that device.

The Mobile Web UI

On-boarding introducing you to PIN Login


Set PIN screen on Mobile Web


Coming Soon

Becoming more popular with non-regulatory sites is an option to ‘never’ log-me-out. This would even more challenging on accounts were your bank account is linked as the security risks are evident.

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