Designing in a vacuum, or with no constraint, no rules where the sky is the limit… is the the stuff of dreams. Commercial designer and UXers the world over must have a purpose, an end game. It has to work (well, of course) and it has to be commercially viable.

Here I was heading up a team developing the UI for an existing Poker Client, so following existing rules was important. Here is a snapshot of what was involved;

Buy in Pop-Up


I am always looking to push best practice with UX. Here, when depositing, ask the question is there a possibility to include speed bump deposit buttons?



Cross-selling in an important part of the Poker business. Including and consistent style and design for these elements must front-of-mind

One-click lobby


Personalised UI adds value to the end-user. My preference is the darker colour palette  for Poker (and Casino) related products, but I think this this is only via association

Colour coded sign-posts


Both branding and information design effectively use colours as a directional tool – this concept goes some way to using the theory. Although the concept her tis sound, the actual choice of those colours need to go through an intensive UI process.


So, in a nutshell;

  • Use todays UX / UI functionality; speed-bumps, hamburger menu, progressive disclosure , etc
  • Dont forget about your other product verticals
  • With testing and experience can push you in certain UI direction… make sure they are wee grounded
  • Bradding techniques, like colour coding, is an important tool

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