A snapshot of my skill-set

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From concept to launch (and beyond) is UX Portfolio for Russell Webb, a designer specialising in branding with an expertise in mobileonlineprint and UX with over fifteen years design and managerial experience. It has developed brand ID, produced successful integrated retail campaigns and designed online experiences across many industries including financial, petroleum, home entertainments, telecoms, FMCG and retail and more recently iOS, Android and mobile web and tablet tabel web respectively.

Another description

In fact, this ‘about’ section is perfectly illustrated by this paragraph:

As well as collaborators, agencies need to attract, hire and breed other kinds of people. Problem solvers. Generalists. Entrepreneurs. Inventors. People who understand business. People who understand people. People who can learn and adapt quickly. People who don’t sit comfortably inside the boxes that they’re given to sit in.

This paragraph best describes