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Rapid wireframes – Product turnaround in two days


Acting as a sales tool and what I term, the ‘Presentation wireframes’, this was an exercise in balancing both marketing and defining user flows against speed – better…

Name the three most popular gateways in sports gambling?


By far the king of the hill, the peacock of the gambling world is football, and especially football inplay. But, other sports exist too. When the Seven Nations…

Design and create a ‘best-in-class’ mobile web site


Global Healthcare Mobile Site “The ultimate objective of a mobile users is to complete their task (where ever they are) efficiently and effortlessly” It important to think of new users like…

Phone Vault Pro


Protect your pics, videos, SMS, contacts, even apps. Phone Vault Pro makes it easy to fully control your privacy. Photos & videos protection Contacts/SMS/Call logs protection Stealth Mode…

Novartis – Communication hierarchy