Map out the initial conceptual ‘Discovery’ phase for VAB Bank

Founded in 1992, VAB Bank is a full-service bank offering a broad range of financial services to its retail and corporate customers, including deposits, loans, money transfers, underwritings, settlements, trade finance, FX and corporate advisory services. I was involved in designing a new politically correct identity that was to be delivered in measurable steps.


Colour segmentation

With a true blank canvas, the client really benefitted from a level of hand-holding. Initial moodboards and colour discovery workshops helped steer the early visual direction



Early sign-posting helped build both client expectation and buy-in at board level. Logo and logotype lock-ups were instrumental at this stage.

vab3 vab4


Definite design patterns where established early on, once a ‘Kit-of-Parts’ was complete , feedback was generated.


Environmental Application

Light and dark wall treatments for typical bank entrance ways or foyers.


Product Communications

Graphic options for:

  • Personal
  • Business
  • Corporate
  • Private


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