The best feeling ever

You know that one, you’ve got an instinct, but you need to place the bet quickly. This is where “Quick bet” becomes must-have functionality. But how to translate that feeling to a proper user experience – that’s the challenge. Here is how I did it using low fidelity prototyping.

When speed is of the essence

So, you’re out n’about and you’ve just seen the race preview, your favourite horse is next off in two minutes, what to do? Simple, open your small screen, make a selection and the Quick bet section opens.


When your experience is seamless

In the best case scenario you quickly place that bet, you’ve got cash in your account and the bet is successfully cleared, no delays, no price changes, suspensions or signal drop… it just goes through. Then the success message – job done.


When your experience is NOT seamless

But the thing is, with betting, especially in play or live events, the customer is often informed that there has been a change. It can be price change where the odds lengthen or shorten, it can be a suspension or an user error. Anyways , the punter must be gracefully informed.


Be nice with your error handling messages

The user is (gracefully) informed that there has been either an info only error an alert error. On mobile. my advice is do this through “signposting”, colour is a great solution for this.


 Suspend the disbelief

For almost all football matches, all In-Play markets are suspended when there’s a red card, a penalty or a goal. For a red card or a goal, all bets currently up are cancelled. Markets are re-opened. If a penalty is awarded the markets will be suspended. The skill is you have to indicate this to your user – that’s challenging UX right there.


And that’s a wrap

As arguably the most complicated user flow for quick transitional gambling, using low-fidelity prototypes that are both instructional and rapid.  My advice is to use pen and paper, get down ‘n dirty with the details, and then roll out to prototyping. To see the final UI, click/tap below…

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